What Your (Body) Language Says About You!

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Watch Your (Body) Language


Body language speaks volumes – yours as well as your prospect/client’s.

Negative: l Limited or no eye contact l Brow tension l Crossed arms l Whole body positioned away from the person you’re speaking with l Tight jawline l Hunched shoulders l Rigid body posture l Tapping fingers. l Fidgeting.

Positive: l Body position upright, facing the other person, leaning slightly forward means “I’m listening.” l Smiling eyes mean “I’m comfortable with you.” l Eye contact means “I’m interested. I like you.” l Relaxed jaw and brow means “I’m calm and at ease.” l Pleasant voice tone means “I’m relaxed.” l Fingers interlocked behind head, elbows out means “I’m open to ideas.” l Mirroring behavior means “I want to be friendly.” l Sitting still means “I’m more interested in what you are saying than anything else.”

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