Vacation Security Checklist

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Vacation Security Checklist

Replace broken screens, latches, and windowpanes.

Secure gates and sheds.

Trim shrubbery.

| Don’t hide house keys outside.

| Give a neighbor a spare key. Ask them to get mail and newspapers, put trash cans in front of your house on trash day, mow and rake the lawn, and/or park   in the driveway.

| Turn off iron, ice-maker, electronics, and phone ringer.

| Leave automatic sprinklers on, put timers on lamps, and install motion-activated lights outside.

| Leave draperies open slightly on upper floors.

| Don’t announce your absence with answering machine messages or notes on the door.

Remove garage door openers and house keys from cars.

Put valuables in safe-deposit box.

| Inform your local police that you'll be away.